Battista’s story

A baptist church

Unique architecture


It’s fair to say, if the walls at 3 Dawson Street, Ballarat, could talk, they would have plenty of stories to share.​

They would tell tales of baptisms and weddings, fine dining, and nights of club partying. There have been all sorts of tenants. Until there were none.​

While it started as a Baptist church it would eventually become the White House restaurant before being transformed into popular nightclub The Power Station in the 1980s. More business ventures followed before it became a haven for pigeons, rats, and possums – and the occasional human – after it was closed and abandoned.​

The former Baptist Church was designed by Ballarat architect James Doane. Works started in 1866-67 and it was eventually completed externally in 1875-79.​ It remained in use as a church until 1972 before first being sold. 

Images from the past